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SocialToll is a forum to post messages with the world. It is designed to make good content stand out and bad content disapear. By joining and loging in each day you earn free points. Points are required for posting new content, images, messages etc. If the community rates your content highly, you earn more points. If they rate your content poorly, you do not earn points. Pretty easy. Good content lets you post more good stuff. Bad content will bankrupt your points.

SocialToll is a fully functional social networking site. You can link to your friends and see their posts and content. Sort your links into groups such as best friends, family, co-workers, etc. Then when you post, you can post to the whole world or just to your select links.

Travel Post about great places to visit, places to find great food, and wonderful things to see
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Business and Politics Post your opinions about the world
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Food Post about good food, great drinks and more
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Sex For adults 18+. Post about sex, fetishes and more
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Get tied up here


All your kinks can go here

Men seeking Women

Men can post personals and women can respond

Women seeking men

A place for women to post personal ads seeking men

Men seeking men

A place for men to place personal ads seeking other men

Women seeking women

A place for women to place ads seeking other women

Other personals

If it does not fit any other category, put it here

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